Zion SMS Mania 1.1 beta

March 14, 2016

Send SMS freely from your mobile.
You can send SMS without any cost you just need the following things.
  1. Need way2sms login(for this just login to way2sms(www.way2sms.com) and create an account its totally free).
  2. GPRS must be activated in your phone.
  3. Mobile phone must be java enabled.
  4. Then you can start sending SMS very easily no need to go to way2sms and waste your time,you can send in just one click.

In this application,in the first two fields you have to enter your way2sms username and password.
Then in the third field you can enter your message(you can also browse for the message in your phone).
Fourth field enter the recipients phone numbers,each number must be separated by comma(eg:9496340837,9995736630).(You can also browse for the txt file that contains the phone numbers,file contains numbers separated by comma,if you save the recipients nos in a txt file you don’t need to enter them all the time,you just need to locate the file.)
There is an option to remember your login information so that you don’t need to enter them each time you login to this application..

Zion SMS Mania

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