More than 8 years of experience in developing, architecting and designing enterprise applications for various clients. Experienced in Analysis, Design, Development and maintenance of  enterprise web, desktop and mobile applications for GIS, Banking and other domains.

Obtained Master’s degree from University of Calicut,Kerala, India.

Eager to constantly learn new things.

  • Date of birth
    January 12th 1985
  • Languages
    English, Hindi, Malayalam
  • Hobbies
    Travelling, Cricket, Programming
  • Websites

Extensive programming skills using Java, J2EE, Oracle and GIS technologies under Linux as well as Windows environments, Sound knowledge of Object-Oriented analysis/design, RDBMS like Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. Good exposure to the complete SDLC development phases and CMMI level 5 processes.

Passionate in developing mobile applications. You can download my android applications from Google Play

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Experience in developing and designing desktop, web, enterprise applications using Java, JEE, PHP and frameworks like struts, JSF, ReSTful Web Services etc. Knowledge of web and application servers like GlassFish, Apache, Apache Tomcat etc.


Experience in development and maintenance of software for Geographic Information System(GIS). Sound knowledge in ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS API for Javascript, Oracle Spatial, PostGIS, OpenLayers, Google Maps API, BING Maps API, GeoExt etc.


Sound knowledge of Object-Oriented analysis/design, RDBMS like Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, and MySQL including Spatial.

Mobile Application

Experience in developing and designing mobile applications using Android, Swift, Java ME, PhoneGap and Apache Cordova.

Web Design

Design and develop mobile and web application using HTML, JSP, CSS, Javascript,  Javascript frameworks including jQuery, ExtJS, Sencha Touch etc.




Encrypt and lock your personal data such as personal life information, social networking credentials, private user documents, financial information such as accounts, transactions, reports, credit card information, bank account details etc. Encrypts the text data using your encryption key and lock the access using your user account created on registration. We never save your encryption […]

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Zion Height Measure

Application to measure height and distance of different objects. Zion Height Measure is an application to measure height and distance of different objects using trigonometric calculations. Steps: Use the settings button to set the height of the device from ground. Use downward arrow button to mark the bottom of the object in which height to […]

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Zion Flash Light

Very useful flashlight/torch application with alerts. Use your phone as a torch light. Only one click is needed to activate the torch light. Option to configure flash alerts on new Messages and Phone calls. Use settings option to configure alert options for Messages and Phone calls. LED Strobe Flashlight. Widget Option. Size Current Version 4.83M […]

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File Lock – Zion Lurk

Protect your content against unauthorized reading, playing, watching, etc. This application hides the file and makes it invisible, so that no one can see or access unless you unlock it. Fast and reliable way to lock/unlock files (images, audio, video etc). Password option to prevent others from using this app. Easy to use user interface. […]

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Zion Clock

This is simple analog clock widget with ticking second hand. Long press on an empty region of your home screen (Non Nexus). Add ‘Zion Clock’ from your widget list. The widget will appear in your home screen. Select clock theme using ‘Zion Clock’ application. Size Current Version 812K 1.0 Requires Android Content Rating 4.0 and […]

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Notepad- Zion Note

Simple notepad editing experience to write notes, memo, email, message, shopping list and to do list. Add sticky note widget to your desktop. Secure your note with password (Secure Encryption). Checklist option. Can be organized in folders, easy to classified your notes. Various background colors available to change, make your notes in personalized way. Change […]

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Zion Cricket

LIVE cricket score widget app for Android devices. Zion Cricket – LIVE score widget app for Android devices. Now covering LIVE I.P.L Twenty20 scores Country matches, All international T20, ODI, Twenty20, IT20 and Test Cricket matches can be viewed extensively in this app that provides near real-time updates. Size Current Version 434k 1.0 Requires Android […]

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Zion Planner

Configurable planner with everything needed to help in your daily purchases. Features: Add purchase based on categories. Set purchase limits. Graphical reports based on purchases. Event management with notifications. Add your favorite places. Google map features. Data is secured and can be accessed in any device with this application is installed. You just need to […]

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Zion APK Sender

Share installed apps with your friends via Bluetooth. Zion APK Sender is a easiest way to share installed apps with your friends! Main features: Select the application Send apk file via bluetooth or email and etc using share button. This Application send the APK file in .zip format. Extract the received .zip file in destination […]

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Zion Date Widget

Beautiful date widget with custom themes. See the day and month at at glance on your home screen with Zion Date Widget. Long press on an empty region of your home screen (Non Nexus). Add “Zion Date Widget” from your widget list.  The widget will appear in your home screen. Select widget theme using “Zion […]

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Zion Places Marker

Mark your favorite places using Google maps. Set title and description. Edit Description. Normal and Satellite map view. Size Current Version 2.46 MB 1.0 Requires Android Content Rating 3.0 and up Rated for 3+

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Zion Mobile Number Tracker

Identifies the name, state and operator of an incoming number. Getting calls from unknown number? Do you want to know the details of the person is calling and from where that person is calling? You can use Zion Mobile Number Tracker to find from which name/state/telecom operator a mobile number belongs to. It shows caller […]

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Zion System Monitor

Zion System Monitor allows you to monitor the availability of user/machine in a LAN. LAN monitoring tool that monitor the status of a system and notify you with the status change.

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Zion IP Messenger

IP Messenger allows you to easily communicate and transfer files to other network users. LAN messaging client enables you to keep in touch with other users in your network. The application runs silently in the system tray and notifies you when a new message is received. Group conference chat features. The context menu reveals multiple […]

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Zion Desktop Clock

Stylish clock for your desktop. With Zion Desktop Clock you can add a stylish clock to your desktop. It is very simple to install and set up. You can drag it anywhere on the screen with the mouse cursor, choose another clock theme or switch to a different time zone.

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Zion Image Search Tool

Image Search Tool for desktop. Select the image you want to use to start your search. This tool will list the images that matches the contents in the selected image (Similar to face/image recognition).

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Zion Esconder 1.0 beta

Protect your secret/important files Protect your secret/personal/important files from others.. Esconder protect/hide your file using encryption mechanism. The key features are ‘Encrypt’ option is to protect/encrypt your file(s) ‘Decrypt’ option is to unlock/decrypt file(s),. ‘Settings’ option is to change your login password and encryption key. Default username and password is ‘esconder’ Note:Never forget the key […]

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Kill All Java

Terminates all instances of java running on your system. This will destroy all the instances of java running on your machine in a single click. This application will be useful for java programmers to terminate the running instances of java process.

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Zion Flying Bird

Cute animation of bird that will fly around the screen. Zion Flying Bird is an application that will create a cute animation of bird that will fly around the screen.

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Zion Grile 1.0 Beta

Desktop Gadget for Cricket Lovers. A very low resource usage desktop Gadget-shows you live cricket matches’ scores and upcoming matches. Works equally & efficiently on slow networks. Ball by ball updates with commentary.

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Zion Ultra

Place your inbox anywhere in yor mobile. An application that allow you to place your Inbox anywhere in your mobile phone. Through this application you can choose where to place your inbox,outbox and which port in which you are sending SMS etc. It also allow you to create txt templates in you mobile and also […]

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Zion SMS Mania 1.1 beta

Send SMS freely from your mobile. You can send SMS without any cost you just need the following things. Need way2sms login(for this just login to way2sms( and create an account its totally free). GPRS must be activated in your phone. Mobile phone must be java enabled. Then you can start sending SMS very easily […]

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Zion Lurk 1.0 beta

Hide your secret/important files. Everyone like to protect their secret/personal/important files from others who using our mobile. Here is the option to protect/hide your small files (images and documents) from mobile browser to keep them away from other users. The key features are ‘Lock’ option is to lock the file(s),use the browse option to browse […]

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Zion Plus 2010 beta

Manage text files in your mobile phone in a more flexible manner. A new release of previous version of Zion Plus..More functionalities and a new look..useful and flexible than the previous version..try it today itself.. Its a Beta version modifications and performance issues will be updated in the coming versions. An application that allows you […]

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Zion Dengon 1.0 beta

Redefine the way of SMS ing. Zion Dengon is an application that allows you to send messages in two ways Using normal way. Using way2sms account(you need GPRS enabled phone) The key features and functionalities. You can maintain your own contact list and from those contact you can select multiple users and add to your […]

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Zion Esconder Mini 1.0 beta

Hide your secret/personal/important files from others. Zion Esconder protect/hide your audio, video, image and other types files in a secure manner. ‘Lock’ option is to lock the file(s),use the browse option to browse the files to be locked and use ‘Mark’ option in the Zion Browser to select files to be locked and then click ‘Lock’ to […]

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Zion SMS 1.1 Beta

Send text files as SMS. It is an application used to send your text files stored in your external or internal phone memory. You just need to browse and locate the text file that you wish to send. After locating you can also modify the contents of that file. Then click done, the text file […]

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Zion Editor 1.1 Beta 2

Manage text files in your mobile phone without the help of PC!!!. An application that allows you to create text files in phone memory and memory card. If you want to create folder in your mobile through this application edit the ‘directory’ field,shown when you choose save or save as option. for eg: the directory […]

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Lead Engineer - NeST Information Technologies

2010 to present

Develop, architect and design enterprise and web applications for various clients. Responsible for analysis, design, development and maintenance of enterprise web, desktop and mobile applications for Geographic Information System, Banking and other domains.

Software Engineer - AR Software Solutions


Responsible for UI design, development and maintenance of software for Banking, Telecommunication and Real Estate sector.


Master of Computer Applications

2005 - 2008

Completed Master of Computer Applications with a grade of  70.5% from University of  Calicut, Kerala, India

Bachelor of Science(Physics)

2002 - 2005

Completed Bachelor of Science(Physics) with a grade of  86% from University of  Calicut, Kerala, India


Below are my approximate knowledge in some of the technologies.

Java & Java EE
ArcGIS Desktop & Server
ExtJS, Sencha Touch
SQL Server


Currently accepting new client projects. Look forward to serving you.

  • Phone
    +1 206-504-8239
  • E-mail
  • Address
    44347 Babbling Brook Terrace, Ashburn VA, USA


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